1. Become the reference of the MENA financial sector
  • Provide financial institutions with elaborate and timely decision-making dashboards
  • Foster transparency and disclosure
  • Nurture a data culture by integrating pertinent information in the daily practice of business users
  • Seek integration in end users’ strategic planning and business models
2. Develop geography and scope
  • Complement the publishing activity with a state-of-the-art web portal
  • Enhance our unique 30-year database on Lebanon with a 10-year database on regional banks
  • Expand the product range to include activity and market reports
  • Roll out to all countries of the MENA region
3. Launch B2C activities
  • Leverage on technology and the growing importance of Retail banking in the region
  • Improve end-users’ comprehension of financial services
  • Make information accessible to all
  • Ease barriers between providers and consumers