Monitoring Program
A timely and reliable Program providing tailwind to visibility and strategy. The Program consolidates and centralizes valuable market figures and insights on customer behavior so that end users analyze performance and trends in a converging manner. It is based on a comprehensive data pool and offers a full-fledged, cost efficient solution ensuring the optimal flow of market information needed to feed business models, assess past initiatives and monitor positioning.

The proposed Market Monitoring Program
is composed of two pillars:

The MMP covers two chapters: SMEs and Retail customers. Each segment is analyzed via one Basic Study and four thematic Barometers [Activity/Consumption, Borrowing, Investment/Savings and Positioning & Image of Banks and Insurance companies]. Jointly conducted by Bankdata and Sofres-Liban, the reports present the results of nation-wide quantitative market surveys conducted through face-to-face interviews with representative samples of each population under study.

The MMP’s added value:

  • Integration: Results cover multi-dimensional aspects that can feed strategies and action plans of end users.
  • Alignment: Bridges the gap between end users and their market to equate objectives and market needs.
  • Transparency : Integrity and open communication between data providers, data analysts and end users.

The Market Monitoring Program is available via, a unique secured gateway where the entire data viewing operation is nested and all searches are channeled and handled at the click of a mouse.