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Bankdata Financial Services is a publishing and consulting company established in Lebanon since 1986. The core publishing activity consists of annual and quarterly reports covering the analysis of bank's financial statements highlighting their performance through a standardized approach. The consulting activity spans across Marketing, Training and Retail related activities.  

Bankdata's target audience is decision makers in financial institutions, consulting and audit firms, insurance and multinational companies as well as Regulators and NGOs.

Bankdata's publishing department has established a solid reputation of being a unique, independent and trustworthy source of information on Lebanese banks via "Bilanbanques©" and the "Alpha Report©".

Other publications include Bankdata GCC, published from 1985 to 1990; the Report on Arab banks in France, covering the period 1982-1992; and trilingual Glossaries of banking terms.

Driven by technological innovations, Bankdata will continue to be the professional's choice for data, analytics and more, allowing finance professionals to be ahead of competition.

Bankdata has begun to incorporate its core technological, data and analysis capabilities in a Business Intelligence platform available through subscriptions to offer its customers timely and accurate information.